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  • Ecocity Design Program Target 2019


    The Ecocity Design Institute is currently working towards publication of ‘The Fractal Handbook for Urban Evolutionaries’, a slim, funky volume that will explain the concept of the urban fractal and paths to its implementation for remaking cities around the world as ecological cities.


    The aim is to produce The Handbook in time for the Ecocity World Summit in Vancouver, Canada (7-11 October 2019), where Dr Paul Downton has been invited to make a keynote presentation on the role of urban fractals in the urban and regional development of the city of Vancouver.




    Learn how to build ecological cities from the people who created an actual piece of ecological city.


    The Ecocity Design Institute offers consulting along with keynote presentations by world leading ecocity architect, theorist and practitioner, Dr Paul Downton.


    Our team pioneered the legendary Halifax EcoCity Project which led to the realisation of the influential Christie Walk ecocity project in downtown Adelaide, South Australia.


    Our expertise is based on decades of research and real world experience in building a piece of ecological city in the heart of the city, through a community-driven development process.



    The Halifax Ecocity Project was a proposal for a 2.4 hectare site in the heart of Adelaide. Though never realised, it generated sustained international interest and was accepted by the UN as an example of Best Practice for exhibition at Habitat II: The United Nations City Summit in Istanbul in 1996.  


    Paul Downton is author of many publications and articles. His seminal work Ecopolis: Architecture and cities for a changing climate was published in 2009, with a Chinese edition in preparation. 


    Christie Walk is a model ecological cohousing development in central Adelaide, Australia. It consists of 27 dwellings on a 2,000 square metre site. Designed by architect Paul Downton and completed in 2006, it has won international awards and been featured as a case study in the Australian government's technical guide to sustainable building.