Paul Downton has given keynote, plenary and workshop presentations on six continents and has extensive experience consulting on ecological architectural, urban design, planning and related projects.


    To engage Paul for speaking engagements and consultancy services, please contact: paul@ecopolis.com.au

    screen grab of talk and link to youtube vid of presentation

    Paul Downton speaking at TEDxEQCHCH in 2011, a special TED event which was convened after the earthquake that devastated Christchurch, New Zealand



    Ecocity World Summit, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA, July 2017


    Ecocity World Summit, Abu Dhabi, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: 2015


    Focus 7 Global Conference, Chantilly, FRANCE: 2015


    Zhuhai International Livable City Conference on Promoting the New Urbanization, International Liveability: Australia & Zhuhai, liveable cities & eco-city principles, Zhuhai, CHINA: 2014


    The Tenth International Conference on Green and Energy-Efficient Building & New Technologies, Space, Connections & Community, BEIJING: 2014


    Tehran Urban Planning & Research Center Seminar, Christie Walk & Urban Fractals, Tehran, IRAN: 2013


    Euro-Asia Economic Forum, Science & Technology Sub-forum, Urban Fractals & Pocket Neighbourhoods – The building blocks of eco-cities, Xi’an, CHINA: 2013


    Architecture Week Keynote, Urban Fractals – Shaping the future a neighbourhood at a time, Auckland, NEW ZEALAND: 2012


    Green Building Council of South Africa National Convention, Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA: 2011


    TEDx EQChCh – Re-imagining Christchurch as a world leading city, Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND: 2011


    9th Green Building Conference, Sydney, AUSTRALIA: 2011


    Gaining Ground – The Power of Green Cities to Shape the Future, Vancouver, CANADA: 2010


    1st International Conference on Low Carbon Ecological Habitat & Ecological Health, Haikou, CHINA: 2010


    Senior Forum of Ecocity Construction, Nanjing, CHINA: 2009


    International Ecopolis Forum, Huaibei, CHINA: 2009


    World ECO2008 (World Environment and Climate Outlook 2008), Brasilia, BRAZIL: 2008


    Beijing International Forum on Ecological Restoration, Beijing, CHINA: 2008


    Ecocity World Summit – Ecocity 7, San Francisco, USA: 2008


    Ecopolis Forum 2004 – International Forum on Adaptive Ecopolis Development to Meet the Challenge of Fast Urbanization, Ningbo City, CHINA: 2004


    Ecopolis – Visions & Means, Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND: 2004


    The Fifth International Ecocity Conference, Shenzhen, CHINA: 2002


    EcoCity IV – Fourth International EcoCity Conference, Curitiba, BRAZIL: 2000


    Green Building Challenge 98, Vancouver, CANADA: 1998


    20th International Conference on Making Cities Livable, Sante Fe, USA: 1997


    Ecological Cities, Towards a Sustainable Development, Padova, ITALY: 1995


    Community Sustainability Across America, Washington DC, USA: 1993


    Partnerships for Change, Manchester, ENGLAND: 1993


    EcoCity 2 - Second International EcoCity Conference, Adelaide, AUSTRALIA: 1992


    Architecture of Cities International Conference, Calcutta, INDIA: 1990


    First International EcoCity Conference, Berkeley, California, USA: 1990

    Paul Downton was invited to speak at Global Conference 2015 in Chantilly, France in July 2015 on 'An urbanism built on a priority for fauna and flora.' (Paul begins speaking at 12 minutes, and again at 1 hour 28 minutes)


    Cities’ landscape are part of the stakes of tomorrow, a geomorphological body in which we must reconnect the city and territories, and reveal them both from inside et outside, via a better mobility and ecological corridors, looking for a thermic revolution. Beyond the ecological and sustainable reality, the main issue of urban development is linked to mankind, and there we must draw our political project for tomorrow. How to reveal the urban biological treasure?

    - Paul F. DOWNTON, Urban Architect, Ecopolis (Australia)
    - Christian DUBOST, Sustainable Development Director, SNCF (France)
    - Bill DUNSTER, Architect; Founder, ZEDfactory (United Kingdom)
    - Carlos MORENO, ‎Scientific Adviser to the Chief Executive Officer, COFELY INEO (France)

    - Nicolas BUCHOUD, Co-founder and Principal partner, Renaissance Urbaine; Chair, The Grand Paris Alliance (France)